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Blogger Meetup Nerves & How to Avoid Them

Blogger Meetup Nerves & How to Avoid Them

Blogger meetups are brilliant opportunities to network and experience something different in the presence of likeminded creators. If you’re lucky, you might even get some refreshments and freebies to try out! To read about some of the meetups I’ve previously attended, click here or here!

Whilst this sounds absolutely wonderful – and indeed, a meetup usually is, in my my experience – the nerves that come with entering a room full of unknown people (perhaps having travelled to an unknown city to get there) can certainly be daunting.

I’m writing this post in the hope that I can reassure bloggers who might be intimidated or uncomfortable about the idea of attending a meetup alone, that you can, in fact, do it – and you can enjoy it too!

I thought I’d break down an meetup into stages, so that you can tick them off as you get closer to your next one! Each step discusses feelings and tips on boosting your confidence (and perhaps motivation) to continue to the next step and remind yourself how much fun it is to be independent. Feel free to print it off to keep for each event so that you get the sweet satisfaction of ticking off each step as you avoid any anxiety you might have experienced otherwise!

1. You receive the invite

This step is so exciting! You’re invited to go to a meetup because the organisers want to meet you. Why? Because they love your content – it’s a compliment in itself!


2. You put the date in your diary

‘I’m not busy that day but maybe I could make up an excuse-‘ Let’s face it, each event with this group of people is only going to happen once – who knows who you could meet? You can catch up on RuPaul’s Drag Race the following night. It’ll be good to get out in the evening instead of staying in your pyjamas – it’s the opportunity to put on your favourite new outfit!

3. The day arrives

You wake up in the morning knowing your routine won’t be the same as usual – after work you’re not heading back for dinner, but you’re catching a bus/train to an unknown location. Pretty intimidating, but an adventure all the same – you deserve to do more than you’re giving yourself credit for.

4. You pack a bag

‘I can’t forget anything otherwise I’ll be more nervous than I already am!’ I feel that, girl. So I’ve put together a list of things you can tick off on your way to every meetup:
– Phone (100% charged!)
– Purse (with card, emergency cash and ID)
– House keys
– Camera (100% charged)
– Earphones (for the journey – not the event!)
– Portable charger, if you’ve got one!
– Emergency tampons (if not for you, it’s good to be there for a fellow blogger who forgot hers)


5. You make your way to the venue

Get your earphones out and put on your favourite playlist – the one that makes you feel like a girl boss. It’ll boost your mood, confidence and excitement – who knows, maybe someone you meet at the event was listening to the exact same album!

6. You arrive at the venue

You can see bloggers who are clearly just there for the instagrams; you can see bloggers who are there to make friends; you can see bloggers who are there to find out about more blogs; you can see seasoned bloggers, newbie bloggers, regular bloggers and occasional bloggers and, no matter your vibe, if you look hard enough you’ll find bloggers just like you!

7. You experience the event for what it is!

There’s bound to be fun activities planned (and maybe even some drinks and snacks!) that you can get involved in – try to push yourself to do it because, not only is it a conversation starter to get your nails done at the bar or put glitter on your cheekbones a la coachella, but it’ll be a fun memory of the evening too! There might even be an independent business stall there for you to pick up a pretty print for your wall – maybe one of the other bloggers at the event can help you pick one out!


8. The event ends – you might even get a goodie bag!

The venue begins to empty as bloggers start making their way out. Don’t be the blogger that disappears towards the end in the hope of catching a bus soon – plan which bus/train you’re going to take in advance (maybe even on the way to the event) so that you can make sure to quickly say goodbye to the lovely bloggers you chatted to that evening. It doesn’t matter how long you spoke for, simply acknowledging them and asking for their blog and social media handles will mean a lot to them, and it’ll also mean you can connect in the future (and maybe even attend future events together!)

9. You make your way back home

Blast your favourite songs en route home because honey, you did it! You met new people, chatted to strangers about something you’re passionate about, made memories and took some blog post-worthy photos to look back on and share with your readers!

10. Cue: Hype to write a blog post about your experience

Get writing honey! Whilst the buzz from the event is still high, pour your thoughts into a quick blog post draft to clean up the following day. Maybe break it down into bullet points or sections of the night, making sure to type up your favourite moments from the night. If you post the event not only will . your readers get the chance to check out your experience, but you’ll be able to look back at it if you get nervous about future meetups as a reminder that you can do it and, in fact, enjoy it!static1.squarespace.jpgI hope you find this blog post helpful in the lead up to your next blogger meetup – trust me, each meet up is so worth it, whether you make new friends or simply find more blogs to follow, you’re getting a great experience out of it!

Photos: My own
Gifs: Daswyn,
Illustration: Tyler Feder


  1. Maz Errata
    June 10, 2018 / 3:59 PM

    Number 6 made me giggle more than it should have, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who was a bag of nerves! Would be lovely to catch up with you again soon

    Maz x

    • June 10, 2018 / 6:21 PM

      Aww thank you so much for such a lovely comment! Yes definitely! Hope you had a wonderful holiday xx

  2. julietlylillyrose
    June 6, 2018 / 1:37 AM

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been invited to a few blogger events but it’s always too far for me to travel. It looks so fun though!

  3. ruthinrevolt
    June 5, 2018 / 9:54 AM

    I really wish I could get past my nerves and go to one of these. I know it would do me a lot of good and probably be really fun, but I just can’t manage it. I’ve been invited to 3 so far and I’ve turned down all of them because I’m terrified! :'( Still, great advice. Now I just need to have a word with myself and take it haha x

  4. June 4, 2018 / 11:04 PM

    This breaks down the process very well! I get quite nervous for blogging events if I’m going alone but I’m able now to just go up to new people and introduce myself. I’m also always a big fan of the goody bags. 😉

    • June 4, 2018 / 11:24 PM

      Aww thank you Kemi, I’m so glad you like the post! X

  5. June 4, 2018 / 10:42 PM

    Tgis can be so useful for me one day, if I get invited to a blogger event lol Lovely post!

    thedecemberdame. com

  6. June 4, 2018 / 8:24 PM

    This was such a good, helpful post! I’ve never been invited to a blogging event before but even if I was I think I’d be too nervous to go, walking into a room full of strangers is not my idea of fun but this has made it sound less daunting and if I do ever get invited to one I’ll be revisiting this post to convince myself to go!

    Jess //

    • June 4, 2018 / 8:55 PM

      Aww thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I’m so glad you found it helpful! X

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