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Blogger Generations | 2+ Years

Blogger Generations | 2+ Years

After reading posts by a range of bloggers with titles along the line of ‘Things I’ve Learned About Blogging’, I found that – as you would expect – each post’s content differed most according to the blog’s age. This inspired me to find a way to compare how one’s perception and knowledge of working in such a new and exciting industry can alter so quickly.
I thought it would be interesting to interview bloggers across the board and collate their answers to create a post which can inspire and teach us about working as a blogger (full time, part time, or as a hobby), the industry and its recent development.
Hence I started this series, Blogger Generations. Consisting of six posts, each includes an interview with a blogger/bloggers who have more experience in the industry than the previous interviewee.

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Arts and culture, with a focus on artists and exhibitions in the Midlands. I left London 2 years ago, where I worked in galleries and museums. Coming to Birmingham, I discovered an arts scene that no one was really writing about and made this my mission! I also blog about the importance of the arts in education and society: the arts needs champions at this time of cuts.
BLOGGING FULL TIME? I wish! No. I work at the University of Birmingham, where I help students gain paid internships in the arts – I love this job. But balancing this with blogging is tough. Ideally, I would like to work 4 days a week with one day for the blogging and my own creative projects. 

I love meeting so many talented artists, and finding about their practice and what inspires them. I also get to see a lot of art, both in studios and exhibitions. I really like having ownership of a blog where I can voice my opinions freely, and connect with readers who (sometimes) feel the same way. If I can help to promote artists’ work and exhibitions, then that’s satisfying.  
People are always asking me to write a review or a blog post for them but don’t have the funds, or won’t pay me. This is why I blog for fun, as opposed to trying to make money from it. 
WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN You can become obsessed with social media – Tweeting, sharing pics on Instagram, and tracking engagement on your website. 
GOALS I would like to take on more paid blogging projects. I would also love to turn my blog posts into a book about Birmingham’s art history…it’s in the pipeline!
ADVICE Write about something that really matters to you, with conviction. 

Please take the time to check out the blogs of the talented and lovely creators featured in Blogger Generations  – as you can see, each one really does have something different to offer.

Feel free to comment with anything you’ve learned about the blogging industry since starting out!

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photo: Cogent Elliott

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