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Blogger Generations | -1 Year

Blogger Generations | -1 Year

After reading posts by a range of bloggers with titles along the line of ‘Things I’ve Learned About Blogging’, I found that – as you would expect – each post’s content differed most according to the blog’s age. This inspired me to find a way to compare how one’s perception and knowledge of working in such a new and exciting industry can alter so quickly.
I thought it would be interesting to interview bloggers across the board who I admire, and collate their answers to create a post which can inspire and teach us about working as a blogger (full time, part time, or as a hobby), the industry and its recent development.
Hence I am starting this series, Blogger Generations. Consisting of six posts, each includes an interview with a blogger/bloggers who have more experience in the industry than previous interviewees.

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CONTENT Most of my posts are lifestyle based, but I also write about travel and fashion related subjects.
BLOGGING FULL TIME? Nope, I currently work for a bank.
FAVOURITE PART The supportive, uplifting individuals within the blogging community is definitely the best part of being a blogger! It’s nice to see yourself inspiring other people out there and in turn getting inspiration from the posts of fellow bloggers.
LEAST FAVOURITE PART The struggle of being consistent and thinking of new ideas because life just gets on top of you sometimes and yet you always feel like you need to be blogging fairly regularly as to not lose your following whilst at the same time trying not to regurgitate content you’ve previously posted to keep your blog interesting. There is always a fear of losing ideas.
WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN How difficult it is to get decent pictures for your blog! Because I don’t have any flatmates and I don’t live with any of my family members it can be so hard to find a decent picture for a blog post sometimes!
GOALS Expand my blog more, keep continuing to inspire people out there. 
ADVICE If you really want to get your thoughts out there and start a blog, don’t hesitate – JUST DO IT. 

Please take the time to check out the blogs of each of the talented and lovely creators featured in Blogger Generations – as you will see, each one really does have something different to offer.

Feel free to comment with anything you’ve learned about the blogging industry since starting out!

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