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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Probably my favourite foundation to date, if you’re needing to restock your makeup collection and want to try something new, I’d definitely recommend Bourjois Paris’ Healthy Mix Foundation.

My skin type is combination – there’s always dryness but somehow also redness and proneness to spots (it’s as impractical as it sounds) – I always opt for foundations in the hope of achieving a dewy, glowy look that won’t big up the oiliness. So after many mistaken drugstore foundation purchases (the lights and mirrors in Superdrug are shameless liars) that resulted in the wrong shade, a cakey or patchy finish, or a coverage that lasts approximately 10 minutes, I think I’ve found the peak of drugstore foundation for £9.99.

– liquid with buildable light to medium coverage
– dewy finish for dry and combination skin
– feels light on the skin
– moisturises dry areas but isn’t oily
– doesn’t irritate or suffocate spotty areas
– glass packaging ooh
– doesn’t take up much space in a makeup bag and isn’t heavy
– very natural finish

– the bottle pump isn’t practical in that when it stops pumping foundation you usually still have about 25% of the bottle left, so you need to start twisting it off and pouring the foundation onto your brush which is quite time consuming and messy
– it claims to last 16 hours but lasts about 8 – if you want it to last 16 hours you’ll need a very good primer and powder

– as with lots of other Bourjois products it is scented (I don’t mind it because it’s a fresh and fruity scent which is really nice when you’re applying makeup in the morning!)

You’ll like this product if you’re looking for
A light to medium coverage foundation with a dewy, natural finish for dry, combination or normal skin types under £10.


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