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Big Shampoo

Big Shampoo

Although it isn’t budget-friendly, I believe you can justify spending that bit extra on haircare (and skincare, for that matter). Lush’s Big is by far the best shampoo I’ve ever used and definitely my new staple.

Lush is wonderful for many reasons – their products are animal cruelty-free, 99% of the products smell so good you kind of want to eat them, and they’re probably the most natural beauty/skincare brand out there in terms of ingredients. The latter is particularly noticeable when using the shampoo – its texture is like sea salt and shower gel mixed together so when you use it on your scalp you can really feel it working and make sure not to miss any areas.

Big’s ingredients and their benefits include:

Sea salt Adds volume, body, texture and wave (also enhances natural curls) whilst softening the hair (sort of like an exfoliation on the hair)

Extra virgin coconut oil and seaweed Gives the hair a silky finish

Lemon and lime Allows the hair’s cuticles to reflect more light

– creates the illusion of thicker hair
– adds body and texture to almost any hair type
– smells like the sea
– you only need to use a small amount of product with each wash so it lasts quite a while
– keeps hair feeling fresh and clean the next day too

– it ain’t cheap honey

You’ll like this product if you’re looking for
A refreshing shampoo that adds body and brings out the best in your natural hair.


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