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Something Different

Something Different

A few nights ago I was working and the shop was empty. It was the last hour of the shift, which is usually a quiet one. A lot of people that pop in around this time don’t often buy anything, and sometimes just want to talk to someone.

A man walked onto the shop floor and began browsing, though not in too much depth. He started speaking to me – asking me how my day was going, etc. – and told me he liked my accent. He said other people he’d met with my accent were very easy to talk to and he felt like he could tell me anything.

We chatted for about 25 mins (I told you no one buys anything in the last hour!) and in that time he talked to me about his life – in particular the struggles he’s facing right now.

He told me he has been struggling with a drug addiction for years and he’s nervous to be starting rehab in a couple of days. He told me he has two children who motivate him to get better. He told me he grew up in an extremely religious household and believes that the reason he’s alive is because he has a guardian angel with him. He told me he believes everyone has a guardian angel. He told me it’s thanks to this guardian angel that he’s been able to cut down on his daily intake in the last few months. He told me he named his child Hope as his children are the reason he believes he can get better.

I congratulated him on cutting down and on getting a place in rehab, saying that he will be able to quit the addiction.

He told me that no one had ever told him he would be able to, and thanked me because he said that’s what he needed to hear from someone, and that he believed me.

As he left, he thanked me for not judging him (this breaks my heart as non-judgement does not deserve thanks- it should be the norm) and he apologised for telling me so much, saying it’s probably because of my accent!

He asked me to pray for him so that he would be able to quit his drug addiction.

This conversation taught me so much about self-belief and motivation, and I want to take note of a few things I learned from him:

1. If you want to achieve something, it can take a long time, but every day that goes past with even the slightest progress is a huge step

2. Self belief and determination can drive us to better ourselves, and we have to nurture these in the form of self care we find most helpful as individuals

3. Whilst everyone has varying methods of self care, we must respect and support the self care of others to help them better themselves, no matter whether or not we share the same self care beliefs

4. Simply telling someone they’re enough could be what they needed to hear to believe it

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to pray for my new friend- I know it would mean the world to him.

Thank you for reading my post, and for letting me share my experience with you.

‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.’


photo: jillehdoodles

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