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New Year is a weird and wonderful time.

On the one hand, we have to come to terms with Christmas and the festive holidays ending. This usually consists of:

– taking down the decorations you spent hours making, putting up and rearranging until they felt hygge enough

– experiencing  the internal conflict as to whether or not you should keep your decorations to save money next year but struggle for storage space this year and probably end up buying new decorations next year, or donate them to a charity shop and end up buying them back (at least this way charities can benefit from your indecisiveness)

– putting away your ugly-and-tacky-but-retro-so-it’s-okay Christmas jumper

– getting over the fact that you have 11 months till you can relive the excitement of Christmas and festivities again

– attempting to consume leftover chocolate – living your best life and not reading the description label….then immediately regretting it when you take a bite of the chilli-flavoured chocolate

On the other hand, we can look at the new year as the opportunity for a fresh start. Who cares that time and months are a social construct? Let’s use it to our advantage as a reason to make resolutions and positive changes to how we live every day. We can learn from mistakes we made in the previous year, and use them to succeed in the coming year.

Opportunities a New Year brings:

– Starting a new hobby

– Making new friends

– New favourite memories

– Treating yourself with leftover Christmas money/vouchers

– Pushing yourself to make small changes to elements of your every day life (blog post on this one coming soon)

– Attempting to consume leftover chocolate – living your best life and not reading the description label (mind the chilli chocolate)

I hope this gave you some ideas for things to look forward to in 2018.

It’s up to you to make them happen.

‘What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.’



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